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Dear Yuletide Team: Thank you so much for the amazing prompt that was assigned to me today! I am so excited to write for at least two of the prompts, so yay!

Dear Yuletide Writer: Meep, I have no idea what to tell you! But I know that whatever you create, I will love it, because I pretty much love everything in the fandoms I chose!

My completely disorganized tags should give some hints as to what I like to read, and what makes me especially squee-tastic about the fandoms I've chosen. I wish I had more time to write something up tonight, but I have a ridiculously busy tomorrow and may not manage to write a comprehensive letter before the weekend. In brief, though, I like happy endings - or at least endings where there's a possibility for happiness, and I don't enjoy deathfics or graphic violence. If you end up choosing The Eight, I have to admit that I prefer Catherine/Nim to Catherine/Solarin, but I'd probably be fascinated by any mash-up of any of the characters; I have, btw, read The Fire, and I liked it, but you don't have to incorporate it at all. And I check Adrian Pasdar's YouTube account regularly. In each of the fandoms, I'm just as happy with gen as I am with romance, and I'm as happy with a PG-13 rated fic as I would be with something rated R or NC-17. Does this help? )

Keith on Prop 8, being brilliant. )

The thing that's frustrating me right now is that there still seems to be no organization between the forces behind Overturn Amendment Two in Florida and the Overturn Prop Eight in California. Ads can't be that different in the two states, and educational/informational materials shouldn't need a full rewrite to be used in both states - so why aren't they working together? Some of my friends in my neighborhood were so busy working on the Obama campaign that they didn't spend much time far in advance of the election reading up on the proposed amendments, and didn't even know about Amendment Two until they saw the sign in front of my house - and they voted against it because of the sign in front of my house. I know the locals thought it would never hit 60%, in large part because the polls all showed it coming in at 54-57%, so they spent almost no money on ads or information. How hard would it have been to situate *one* person at each early polling location in Miami, Broward and Palm Beach - okay, and Orlando, Tampa and Gainesville, too - with flyers saying Vote No On Two? It might've made a difference to 60 or 70 thousand people, and that's all we needed to turn the vote the other way.

Along those lines, I am rather proud of being Jewish right now - Jews in LA voted strongly against Prop 8 according to Loyola's exit poll - 78% voted in support of gay marriage, and 8 per cent voted against it (the balance declined to answer). That's the highest percentage of any religious group in the poll (although I can't tell if they separated out various Christian denominations because I wouldn't be surprised if the UU church was close to 78% if not higher). Still, cool amid the non-coolness of it all.

Awww, look at our adorably dorky President-Elect! )
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Oh, God, I am crying again just *thinking* about listening to America The Beautiful!

Look at this. )

I think I will need many, many boxes of tissues in January. And speaking of January and Inauguration (and my birthday!) - check out [livejournal.com profile] 01202009 - for inauguration planning in Washington, and also for planning/organizing Viewing Parties around the country and around the world. Honestly, this might work better as a wiki, and I'm talking to a friend about that, but in case it doesn't work, is anyone interested in helping me set it up? New banner for [Unknown site tag] coming soon, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sff_corgi (email re lunch tomorrow coming to you soon!).

Sorry about the multiple posts before - they were supposed to go to [livejournal.com profile] 01202009 but the post-to got switched on the screen and I didn't notice. Alas. They've all been moved to the comm now, except the tour-ish one.

ETA: Oooh! Off to check out info at CHANGE.GOV. A change will do us good!
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Where was Heidi traveling today?

  • 10:20 At the polling station on 131st street by I95.There was a fantastic line this morning but now the wait is five minutes. It's cool & amazing. #
  • 10:21 They just delivered water bottles and more privacy booths for voters if there's another influx this afternoon. Terrific staff here. #
  • 10:24 #votereport #33168 #wait:2 minutes #good #
  • 22:22 Nader conceded! #
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ETA: They just released a downloadable album of some of the songs from the campaign - Yes We Can: Voices Of A Grassroots Movement - songs from Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, John Legend, Jill Scott and more. Looks fantastic! Am downloading it now...
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It might be only in Philly, or it might be broader across the state, but I just pulled this from dailykos:

If you are in Philadelphia, PA and you click the box for Obama, and then click straight Democratic ticket, it will cancel out your vote for Obama. No one is quite sure why, but it's happening . I just talked to the Obama campaign , and they are urging folks either to just vote straight Democratic ticket , or to choose each candidate individually- but not both.

And from Sera Gamble, a little note about voting NO on 8 if you're in California - she wrote a bit about one of her best friends:
Michael, however, has been with his Sig Other for going on nine years.

I know. Who the fuck stays with one guy for nine years? In Los Angeles? They're a shining beacon of hope to us all.

You see where I'm going with this. Michael may or may not decide to pop the question. (If I were his bf, I'd be getting pre-tty antsy, but that's another post.) As of the writing of this missive, they can go ahead and do the crazy deed here in California, if they so please. Just like the rest of us. If you go to the polls and vote NO ON 8, it is my hope that the misguided souls attempting to add discrimination against my family to our state Constitution will fail.
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My polling place is ridiculously mellow. We've processed 200+ people in about 3 hours, and a dozen in the last hour, but the lunchtime crowd is starting up, slowly but surely. There's another attorney here with me so I managed to run out and make a Krispy Kreme run for the staffers here and the firefighters whose station we are precinct-ing in.

I also managed to read a fic! A little election day joy from [livejournal.com profile] sarah_p (no, I do not believe that she is *that* Sarah P!) in the form of an SPN genfic. Go read it and get all smiley!
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Not sure I'll be back before midnight. Depends on how long the line is at 7 when they close.

If you missed it yesterday, my Things To Deal With Before You Go to the Polls checklist should at least get a skim before you go vote (if that is something you're doing today).

Have a good, safe one, everyone!

ETA with a few words from Walt Whitman:
If I should need to name, O Western World, your powerfulest scene and show,

'Twould not be you, Niagara - nor you, ye limitless prairies - nor your huge rifts of canyons, Colorado,

Nor you, Yosemite - nor Yellowstone, with all its spasmic geyserloops ascending to the skies, appearing and disappearing,

Nor Oregon's white cones - nor Huron's belt of mighty lakes - nor Mississippi's stream:

This seething hemisphere's humanity, as now, I'd name - the still small voice vibrating -America's choosing day...
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Here's your checklist! (236.com has a funnier one.)


__ Visit the Voter Information Page to see what ID your state requires you to bring to the polls.

__ If you've recently moved, check your state's requirements regarding addresses. For example, in Florida, as long as you're at the precinct for your current address, the address on your ID does NOT need to match the address on the official voter list, but you may be asked to sign an affidavit attesting to your change of address, whereas in Massachusetts, your ID must have your name and current address, but it doesn't need to be a photo ID, as the state will allow you to use a government check or official document; current utility bill; or paycheck or stub.

__ Check www.canivote.org to make sure you're registered (although don't panic if you arent' listed as they are a bit behind the times) and to find your polling place. (Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] rookie131!)

__ Put these phone numbers into your phone now: 1-877-US-4-OBAMA (1-877-874-6226) and 866-OUR-VOTE. It's possible that one number might be jammed, or an overload of calls might make it hard for you to get through, so bring both.

__ If you have a Twitter account, visit TwitterVoteReport. Include the hashtag #votereport and report what's going on in your precinct using the info here.

__ If you have a phone with a web browser, put this URL into your bookmarks now: http://my.barackobama.com/page/s/vpcreport - you can report problems at the polls there. Do not report lines of under 90 minutes, because that's not a problem, that's expected to be the standard operating procedure.

__ Join me in reading Carl Hiassen's Election Day prayer for the Sunshine State:
Deliver us from scandal, Lord. Let our optical-scanners perform flawlessly. Let the trucks that carry our precious ballot boxes not be hijacked and later abandoned behind a strip joint, and let those who count those ballots be pure of character and pretty good with math.

__ If you're in a warm state, freeze a water bottle or two so you have cold water while you're waiting in line. If you're in a cold state, grab a cup of coffee to bring to the polls to keep your hands warm while you wait.

If you believe you are legitimately registered to vote and if you are at the correct precinct (check your precinct location today!), and you are not allowed to vote a standard ballot, here's a checklist of What To Do:

__ Do not vote a provisional ballot (or at least, don't vote a provisional ballot unless you've gone through all the steps below, and if you do, be prepared to file an affidavit on Wednesday stating why your vote should be counted). This article from New Jersey explains some of the problems with provisional ballots - if you sent your voter registration form in on time, you can vote a standard ballot.

Bring the phone number for your county's Election Office, and ask the poll workers to call to confirm that your name is on the voting roster, even if it isn't on the list at the polling station. For example, Ohio's Secretary of State Office has info about how to get a provisional ballot counted.

__ Call the Voter Protection Hotline at 1-877-US-4-OBAMA (1-877-874-6226) and someone will be able to help you. If you didn't put this phone number in your phone when I mentioned it before, stop and do it now. We'll wait for you.

__ Call the hotline at 866-OUR-VOTE (888-Ve-Y-Vota in Spanish) and/or visit their companion site www.866ourvote.org, sponsored by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law -- a nonpartisan group that sponsors the Campaign for Fair Elections -- is working in partnership with more than 100 organizations to maintain

If the voting machine malfunctions or something else goes wrong:

__ Do the Twitter thing I posted about above or use one of the following things suggested by TwitterVoteReport:
* Send a text message to 66937 and start your message with “#votereport”
* Download and use the iPhone app
* Find the “votereport” app in the Google Android marketplace
* Key in a report by calling (567) 258-VOTE/8683 (coming soon)

If you're still in line when the polls close:
Stay in line. Anyone in line when the polls close must be allowed to vote. Even if your candidate of choice is announced as the winner of the presidency, there will be local and statewide races where you should make your voice be heard.

Um, what am I forgetting? Urls, phone numbers, email addresses, etc?
ETA: Right! Wear comfortable shoes! Bring an umbrella! Bring two, and share them with the people around you.
Don't let them stop you from voting! )
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Les Misbarack, An Encore )

Regardless of how you're voting, please take my poll:
[Poll #1290367]
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A nonpartisan yet political post, sort of (in other words, I am getting my NaBloPoMo out of the way early). Check out Starbucks' offer to voters! )

It's raining and the local news says people are already in line over at City Hall, where the line is entirely outside but undercover. Hopefully it isn't blowing in too much. Eldest Child stayed up until 2 AM reading some new novel about dragons - first time he's ever stayed up past midnight reading when we thought he was asleep. And I just realised that I don't actually know if he finally went to sleep at 2:30 Old Time or 2:30 New Time. Huh.
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If you don't live in the US. If you don't own a tv. If you weren't home. If you were home, but were busy doing something else. If you were sleeping. If there was a fire drill halfway through. If you heard it on the radio but didn't get to watch it. Watch the Obama-infomerical on your own schedule. )

Remember! Don't let up! Make history!

ETA for the marriage meme: Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.
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Haven't posted since we left for Disney last week. MEEP! Sigh, I really like the iphone 90% of the time but I hate that safari crashes far too often, whether I am on LJ or somewhere else, and the lack of a cache makes it impossible to "hold" pages for me to read offline. The browser on my sidekick never crashed so even though I am loving the iPhone, I am considering getting rid of it - my dad would buy it off me to replace his 1G iphone - and getting the new Android. Anyone have one? Anyone know someone who does? Would love to see some reviews of it before I make the leap back to tmobile.

Disney was fantastic - we went with another family and managed to make it to all four parks in three days - saw Nemo, rode on the new and fantastic Toy Story ride, took the girls on Soarin' because they were finally tall enough to go and the expression on their faces when we took off was absolutely magical - a perfect "O" of the mouth and the eyes and a squeek of glee! We did the lunch at Norway where the girls got to meet a slew of princesses, and my friend and I went back Saturday night for the fantastic Festival of the Senses. One negative - last year there were cocktails and not just wine, and ths year there was only wine, beer and scotch. The rest was entirely positive. We sampled about 15 different restaurants and my favourite was probably a tamarind-infused pork made by the exec chef from the Sci Fi Dine In - the truffles were wonderful and randomly, we ended up sharing our table with one of hte chefs from the California Grill and his extremely adorably supportive wife - and for a few minutes, the exec chef for all of Disney came and joined us and we talked about the variety this year and some things they may try to do next year. We will be back!

Partly Bouncy (remember her?) has created a new bot-scraping thing for the fanhistory wiki (no, I will not link to it because I don't want people going directly from my LJ to hers but you can google your way there) that pulls information from livejournal. Click here to learn how to block the bot. If you're new here and don't know about my history with Partly Bouncy and her wiki, ask and I will give you links to the backstory.

[livejournal.com profile] nekkio27 has a well-written summary of why taxes exist and what they mean for our economy here. I still remember the first day of tax law back in my 3rd year of law school, when we discussed how taxes can be used to set social policy. Wish I still had my notes from back then, but they're lost on some floppy disk in a box in the back a closet that is otherwise filled with Husband's comic books.

For [livejournal.com profile] giandujakiss - 23/6 gives you eight ways to survive the next eight six days without losing your mind. Top of the list? "There's a reason it's not called 'Every Five Minutes Kos'" Admission: I have a constant refresh too! And I don't feel guilty about it!

Did Jensen really say something about sexual favours in the context of his roommate in an interview? I've seen mention of this in fic summaries but since I wasn't reading any communities this weekend while traveling I must've missed the initial post(s). They're just teasing everyone now, aren't they?

[livejournal.com profile] deirdre_c, I have vid bunnies! I am, yes, working on the one for last week's SPN episode but I want to do a political vid to One Week but I wanted it to be finished yesterday and I need a lot of political footage to do it and I don't know where to get any! Does anyone know where one can download avis from the conventions and of speeches and ads and stuff? Or will I just storyboard this from stills and have it exist mostly in my mind? DAMNED BUNNY!

Speaking of bunnies, this last ep of Heroes finally gave me some fantastic vidding footage to work with! I may try to get something done before the next ep, but part of me *really* wants to wait for the flashbacks we'll get in (OMG do we have to wait?) two weeks...

MoveOn sent me a slew of Obama pins, finally, but most of my friends and family locally already have at least one, so I want to send some of these into the wild. The first 10 - 15 responses will get one:
[Poll #1287282]

Off to doctor for the Annual. More catch-up stuff later...
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A question, a thought and a belated Heroes review.

Q: If 150,000 thousand dollars was going to be spent on outfitting a family of seven, what would you want most? What else would be a necessity? [livejournal.com profile] cedarlibrarian, feel free to name specific colors in the MAC line.

T: Home for Christmas (aka Christmas Cottage) is not listed on the list for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide this year (and [livejournal.com profile] dontyouwaitup also pointed out that RPS: Thomas Kinkade is also not listed. You can add it, if you want, since clearly both SPN and J2/J3 are way way way too large to count for Yuletide this year (or, likely, ever).

H: Spoilery, of course, but v v v v short because I am almost out of battery )

No, I didn't manage to get to the Obama rally yesterday - I did get a glance from the spouse's office so I saw it from afar, but we didn't get to be at the park. It's ok - I've seen him twice this year, and hopefully will see him in DC in January.
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Posted via email.

But I had to share! If the campaign were a D&D game...
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A diary I wrote this morning on DailyKos made the recommended list O_O

So, crossposting....

My phone rings every morning with a call from my blind 86 year old grandmother, so she can tell me whatever political news she heard on the morning shows and I can add to her information what I read online already that morning.

This morning was only a little different.

My grandmother was a Hillary fan from way back in 1992, and she supported her throughout this campaign. She said many times in June and July that she would not vote for McCain, but she didn't think she could bring herself to vote for Obama either, because she thought Hillary would have made a better president.

Of course, when she heard Hillary and Bill speak in Denver, she called me with a resolve to vote for Obama because that's what Hillary was asking her supporters to do, and the next night, when Barack spoke to the crowd of 80,000, she called me halfway through the speech and said she would now vote for and actively support Obama because she now wanted him to be president.

She's always respected Colin Powell, and thinks he was unfairly duped by the Bushies and he's regretted it ever since.

This morning, when she heard on MSNBC that he was going to endorse Obama, she called me, crying, because of the historical nature of this moment, and because Powell's endorsement, and his words, told her that the undecideds in the military, and those who are hearing lies about Obama, and those who need an excuse to support Obama and vote against McCain now have them, so well explained and paste-able into emails that can be sent as replies to those scurrilous lies we all get in our in-boxes every day.

Powell isn't out there to convince *us*. We're sold, and we've bought the bumper stickers and pins to prove it.

But for the soldiers who are told to vote with their wallets hearing Powell's words of support for Obama may cause them to look a little more as to how Obama will actually *be* better for their wallets than McCain. For those who aren't 100% sure of Obama's commitment to national security, perhaps Powell's words will convince them.

For those who are fed up with the tone from the McCain camp, Powell's words *will* certainly convince them that McCain is the wrong man for this moment in time.

As Powell said this morning,
We have two wars. We have economic problems. We have health problems. We have education problems. We have infrastructure problems. We have problems around the world with our allies. And so those are the problems the American people want to hear about, not about Mr. Ayers, not about who is a Muslim and who is not a Muslim.

As the Washington Post said this morning, the endorsement "complicates any attempt by John McCain and others within the Republican Party to cast Obama as naive on world affairs and unready to lead in a dangerous time."

And that's all good.

Unrelated to this, but as a side note, my husband and kids are biking around the neighborhood, and some kids are doing a mobile bake sale, selling polar bear cookies to raise money for the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund. Adorable, and the perfect thing for an October day.
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He air-quoted -women's health- as an extreme reason for a woman to have an abortion. )

And it was a pretty big challenge to choose the most horrific part - but frankly, while there are problems in having teachers who've had no certification process and no training in teaching, especially on an elementary school classroom-teacher level* and there are catastrophic issues with McCain's health care proposals and his complaints about John Lewis just feel weird, none of that demonstrably minimizes the health of girls and women across the country. What's next? Air quotes for "incest" or "rape"?

[Poll #1279744]

* I think there is merit in having middle- and high-school teachers, and in specialty classes, where someone who doesn't have a specific certification but does have a specialty in that area, but given that I've just been through a situation where someone with a teaching degree but no early childhood education was my son's kindergarten teacher (until the principal removed her because she wasn't a good K-level teacher) and was rapidly screwing up his learning experience, I'm not very into it for the K-5 level.
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At Eyecon, [livejournal.com profile] gwendolyngrace and I had a fantastic conversation at the cocktail party with one of the guests about McCain's insults about Dungeons & Dragons, and he was amused by the pro-Obama, pro-D&D shirt at Zazzle.

But Obama's movements into the gaming zone took a giant step this week, as the campaign bought ads in EA's Xbox 360 racing game Burnout Paradise.

Image from the game behind the cut. )

Of course, the part of me that wrote a 50 page law journal article (sadly, never published) circa 1993 about the Fairness Doctrine wonders what the equal time and lowest unit rate applications of this are, but the rest of me is fascinated and amused.
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So I am going to come out in support of voting against both Proposition 8 in California and Proposition 2 in Florida.

If Prop 8 passes in California, the state constitution will be amended to state that "only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." Not only would this invalidate the thousands of marriages that have taken place in the state over the last few years, it would also make it impossible for couples who have been legally married outside the US or in states like Massachusetts to have their marriages recognized as valid in California. No legal mandate for hospital visits, no rights of inheritance of a home a couple has lived in for decades, dozens of hoops to jump through for a parent to be legally recognized as a parent for his or her own child, and the wholesale destruction of thousands of rights and obligations that come with a marriage license.

My in-laws live in California, and my husband and I have begged them to vote against Prop 8; I hope they will so thousands of Californians can enjoy the right to marry the person he or she loves.

The California proposition sucks. But the issue on the Florida ballot is actually worse - it will amend the constitution to read, "“Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized.”

My city's been doing domestic partnerships for years and they could all be invalidated if this passes. Family courts will be thrown into turmoil in the case of the (God forbid) death of a partner, as the court will not be allowed to consider the relationship between the partners in determining where children raised in that family will live, Cities will not be allowed to give domestic partner benefits . Public hospitals may not be allowed to have a policy in place to allow someone's partner to visit under "family" rules.

Luckily, passage requires 60%, not a simpole majority, but the polling is still far too close to that level.

Please, if you have friends or family in California or Florida, make sure they vote against these discriminatory proposals. I am 9000% sure all of you know what to tell them to convince them, but one new addition is this ad by one of the No On Eight groups - then talk to them about George Takei and Brad Altman, or about Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, or any of the thousands of happy couples who took their vows in California this year. I'm sure there's at least one on your flist.


Oct. 8th, 2008 08:42 am
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Icon post! How long has it been since I made one of those?

Credit to [livejournal.com profile] hllangel

Credit to [livejournal.com profile] rookie131

Made by me from YesWeCarve - credit them if you use it.

And regardless of who you're voting for - or whether you're in the US or Canada or anywhere else that's having elections soon, check out the banners and buttons at BotherVoting.org.
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Not sure where it was originally created - if anyone knows, please tell me so I can credit it. And if anyone can turn it into an animated icon with four "screens", ending on "He even beats paper." I would really appreciate it.

ETA Ooooh, coolnew icons in the coments. Thanks, gals!

From livechat during the town hall:
[livejournal.com profile] folk (10:24:40 PM): ...georgia is a major gateway, huh
[livejournal.com profile] heidi8(10:24:55 PM): well YES< [livejournal.com profile] folk. Havent you ever been to Atlanta's airport? That place is bigger than Wasila!

If they were going to take questions from people via the web, I wish they'd used youtube again because Tom reading them wasn't as interesting.
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From Jon Chait:
Palin's final quote was from Ronald Reagan, warning that without vigilance, "you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children, and our children's children, what it once was like in America when men were free." In fact, Reagan was not warning about a general lack of vigilance about freedom, he was warning what would happen if Medicare was enacted.

Have read comments/reviews about the debate, and have a dozen open pages in my browser to read once I watch Show, which I am about to do.

Not looking at LJ again until I'm done watching Show, so please let me know what you liked/hated in Show and/or what you thought were the best/worst moments in the debate.
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