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Today has been an absolutely magnificent perfect storm of things that are partially about fannish creativity and legal issues. Basically, within a fifteen minute time frame of my life today, I did an analysis of copyright language,  got a text that the ruling in the Google Books case was in and it was a massigve victory for Fair Use and transformative works in so many ways that can be analogized to fanfic, and *then* while I was sitting in my car tweeting about it, the Amazon delivery guy arrived with my copy of FIC: Why Fanfiction Is Taking Over the World (and if you haven't started Following FIC editor Anne Jamison on tumblr yet, today is the day to!).

Transformatives working... )
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I got to write a Political Animals fic for [livejournal.com profile] tascioni, who asked for a fic in which TJ was happy, which let me mentally revisit Washington DC & Kramerbooks over the holidays, throw a Love Actually reference in and title it with a line from the Panic! At the Disco/fun. song C'Mon, which is the TJ and/or Jack Benjamin Song of my Heart.

It's technically mature (Yes! I wrote shagging!!) and it's TJ/Sean Reeves, and you can find it here

What Would My Head Be Like?
Not a coffee shop AU, but there is coffee, a shop, TJ and Sean. And it's Christmas once again.

(Oh, and does anyone know what PA or other comms I can post to?)
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Unpacked, mostly. (Gah, we have a lot of laundry to do!)
Tired, somewhat. (I woke up at 415 and never fell back to sleep)
Utopia watched. (WOW. Just.... Wow. Time to watch the Confidential!)
[livejournal.com profile] spn_summergen fic in progress. (Meep!)
[livejournal.com profile] reel_spn fic, based on Xanadu, in progress. (Squeee!)
Video for new Crowded House song placed behind cut. (And Neil Finn is still beautiful and amazing and I could listen to him forever) )
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Now that I can have an insane number of people on my flist, I want to have a filter that's a mostly-fic-reading filter - communities, writing journals, newsletters and people who post fics on their LJs.

I want to add any of you who write & post fics to it - I think I have a good idea of who's writing at present, but just to make sure...

[Poll #942067]

Anything in Harry Potter, Supernatural, Heroes, Doctor Who/Torchwood and crossovers regarding same would be greatly appreciated!
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So I'm replying to a question from someone in FictionAlley Park, and the Google Ad at the bottom of the page - which I can't screencap because for some reason my MS Paint program is MIA - says the following:

Fanfiction Writing
Learn to write like a pro from HarperTeen editors and authors.

It links me over to this page where Harper is using FanLib to encourage teens to write a story in pieces, using the FanLilb system where multiple people can submit sections or chapters, and then people vote and choose the one they like best and that becomes where the story goes next. Meg Cabot posted about it on her blog a few weeks ago, too. It's not the contest per se that I find intriguing.

It's the fact that Harper's is advertising it using the tag word fanfiction, even though it really isn't - it's original fic.

Is it another example of Fanfic Becoming Mainstreamed, or TPTB Knowing About And Being More Or Less Ok With At Least Some Fanfic? Is it another way to make Lee Goldberg's head explode as he surfs teh intrawebz?

I'm not sure. I don't know what Harper's google-ad people were envisioning when they wrote "fanfiction writing" and "learn to write like a pro" in their ad.

But it's really damned interesting and I'm wondering (a) what people who feel/want to feel that fanfic is a subversive/subculture/hidden thing think about yet another moment where a Really Big Company is Sort Of Jumping On The Bandwagon, and (b) whether people think this is a Bad Thing or a Good Thing.

Me, I'm all about the good. I think TPTB knowing about fanfic is terrific and fine and excellent as long as they don't try to bar it or shut it down, and when one uses fanfiction as a positive in an ad like this, it's (and her I get legalisticish again) a smidge of evidence that fanfic is a permitted act, or deemed a form of fair use, or allowed under an implied license unless an author explicitly states otherwise. Not a smoking gun, but a smidge of Good And Positive Support. And that's all about the good.

I hope.

ETA: Yes, I said as long as they don't try to bar it or shut it down above. As long as they don't try to bar it. As long as they don't try to shut it down.

This was a bit of a linguistic shorthand-abbreviation for my it-would-take-many-paragraphs-to-explain feeling about fanfiction as a matter of law, but so nobody gets the wrong idea, here's my take, based on copyright and trademark law today, October 25, 2006: I think that noncommercial fanfic (meaning fanfic that isn't sold like books are sold or where people have to pay to read; I believe that the lines surrounding whether one makes money from fanfic are blurrier where Google ads appear on the page, or a link to an Amazon or WB store is there, or there's some other potential financial support for the entity hosting the fanfic, but in circumstances like that experienced by the Harry Potter fandom, WB has consented to such links/ads/t-shirt sales/conference registration fees), as a general rule, falls under the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Act because it's commentary on the source text, and qualifies as noncommercial usage under the Lanham Act and common law trademark laws for purposes of trademark infringement, but I haven't yet given enough examination to the recent dilution laws signed by Bush this past month to determine the full potential impact on fanfiction, although I'd be completely entertained by the Can Voldemort Be Tarnished? hypothetical. For more on law and fanfiction, I recommend Meredith McCardle's 2003 law journal piece (it's a PDF) as well as Rebecca Tushnet's 2004 Yale Law Journal piece, Copy This Essay: How Fair Use Doctrine Harms Free Speech and How Copying Serves It (also a PDF).
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[livejournal.com profile] marag wrote Jack Harkness/Bruce Wayne for the Captain Jack Sexes Everyone In Every Fandom Ever challenge. You can read it here, and squee.
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On the Zendom multifandom list, there's a discussion of warnings, and it's been brought up that there are fandoms and lists where authors have to provide warnings for all things that happen in the fic which might disturb a reader. As I pulled from one fansite, "This is where you post the reason for your story's rating and list anything that you think could potentially offend or disturb readers - violence, implied sex, strong language, etc..."

So, to help the fandom, I have created a warning for Goblet of Fire. I know I'm missing some important plot points, but at least it's a start.

Deaths of one character in the same chapter in which he first appears, death of an underage character at unexpected moment, described murder of adult character by his son, many het pairings at dance and other school activities, at least three het adult pairings, one pairing involving a gender-unspecific character dancing with a character who has only one leg and an eye that can see through clothing (both injuries occurred in backstory), one naked underage character in bathtub being watched by underage ghost, one adult character steps naked from a large cauldron and is robed by another male character, one character engages in self-mutilation in manner which might be similar to cutting, multiple transformations of characters into animals, including one noncon transformation which includes underage character being bounced from floor to ceiling, one scene takes place in graveyard, underage character is tied to tombstone and subjected to bloodletting, underage character and other character battle with wands, a spider is killed, four characters are made unconscious and tied to a rock under a lake, one character makes possibly sexually harrassing joke about "Uranus", one het hug and various het kisses, verbal and physical assaults via mail on female character, imprisonment of antagonist character in beetle form, hero and friends cause three underage characters to become unconscious, much consumption of sweets and nonalcoholic drinks, some alcoholic beverages mentioned and consumed (off page) by horses, consumption of slightly alcoholic beverages by nonhuman character to the point of drunkenness, noncon levitation of minor characters (including forcible showing of one such character's undergarments), assault via food on underage character, enslavement of dozens, if not hundreds, of minor characters...

So? Who wants to add more warnings?
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Lori (of PoU fame) just told me about interesting "fanfic" - for Hamlet and Macbeth.

The Hamlet one is located here, and is written in iambic pentameter, of course, and features the cast of Scooby Doo thus:
The villain stands confessed. Now let us go.
For much remains to us to be discussed.
And suitable reward must needs be found
For these, our young detectives and their hound.

And the Disney version of Macbeth is .... erp! we can't find it! Does anyone have it? Please point me to it! That Birnam Wood dance routine is too imaginable to miss!

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