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Sixth year running, we're doing a Harry Potter fan panel at Comic Con - this year it's at 4:15 in 6DE (same room as the last few years) and since it's one of the final panels at the Con, I'm strongly considering planning to decamp to a nearby bar for an hour or two afterwards to stave off post-con drop (and because my flight doesn't leave until 9:45).

Who's coming to Comic Con? Who'll still be alert and awake for our HP panel?
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Last week? Infinitus. All Infinitus, all the time. I was pretty much jill-of-all-trades hither and yon at the Royal Pacific in the con-space, and for a few hours each day, with my family. Why my husband thought I would be able to look after the kids for two hours each evening is just... But it was amazing to watch them enjoy the kids' program (no, it wasn't a kids' track, they were just in a room for crafts, activities, discussions and fun stuff) and by 2012, Harry will (kindasorta) be almost old enough to actually be a registrant.

The most gorgeous thing about Infinitus to me was being able to walk around the hotel, and especially around Hogsmeade, and see friends everywhere. At NoaTW and when I went back to the park for an hour on Sunday after dinner, before the amazing Drinks + HBP At The Pool extravaganza (um, Zoners, can HP people GANZA too?), I saw familiar and friendly faces everywhere; it was like walking around Hogsmeade on an Old Boys' and Girls' weekend, like a page out of our own AU of Paradigm of Uncertainty. I could go back any random day, but I think I'm going to save the trips to the WWoHP for when friends are in town to see it. I'll go with anyone I know, because I don't want to walk around there alone just yet...

I have reports and squees and thoughts on con-crit (pun intended) and a few scattered photos, but if you posted a con report before yesterday, or have any photos that I happen to be in, please let me know! And if you took any photos that show the LCD screens when they had the gorgeous front and back cover images that [personal profile] jin_fenghuang did (you can also see them here) she would love to see them! Must finish off my [profile] spn_j2_bigbang vid first, though.

Brief Infinitus linkspam:
Shaebay's amazing 'plant' information which you may've seen in the trees
A piece from the UMichigan school paper about A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, the latter of which was shown on Saturday night and which caused those massive lines. The shows were both written and produced - by a team of undergrads (and a few grad students) at the university; they filmed it back in 2009 and it became a massive YouTube sensation, sort of like Potter Puppet Pals in days of old, and by showing at Infinitus, almost 1300 people got to see it.
Rumor has it Universal ran though a multi-year supply of Butterbeer mugs in about two to three weeks. They've been running short on other things, too, because the demand is outpacing the supply, especially things like Snape-items (including his wand) and Pygmy Puffs. Lucky me, I have a mug and a Puff!
An interesting post that discusses not just Infinitus but also Avatar the Series with some anthropological perspective
Oh, and do friend [community profile] ascendio2012. We won't have much news in the coming weeks or months, so it won't be very highly trafficked for now, but if you add it now, you'll start to see stuff as we post it. An amazing team is coming together for 2012 and I cannot wait!

This week: Liss came back to Miami with me, and we hung out, watched Glee, talked HP and cons and weather and amazing cookies and she helped me shop for groceries as we had nothing in the house. My sister went out of town today and her dog Zoe is moving in tomorrow, and my kids can't wait! And alas, the likelihood of me going to Comic Con has basically slipped to a virtual zero, because Aaron has to be in LA for deposition prep by 11 AM PDT on Monday and there's not enough time for me to do my Harry Potter panel on Sunday afternoon, and then fly home in time for him to fly out to LA. I will miss all of you, but between trips to NYC and D*Con this fall - and hopefully How to Succeed in February or March, I'll see a lot of you in the next few months including...

Next week in Washington, DC or Williamsburg, VA. We're coming up to DC next Friday and would love to see as many people as can make it for dinner at Bua just off DuPont Circle on Saturday night. Still finalizing times but it should be around 5:30. LMK if you're possibly able to make it, and I'll let you know as the plans finalize.

Has anyone done the Washington Monument tour recently? I have actually never been up but we have tickets to go up on Saturday morning.

Next Sunday we are heading for Williamsburg, and I hope to see [personal profile] bookshop and [profile] eibil_libbie if she is in town. Anyone else in the general vicinity? We'll be in the area through August 7.

Of course, the night before we go, [personal profile] roguebitch will be joining me in Miami Beach for OMGOMG a Crowded House concert! We have front row seats! There will be a Neil right in front of us and we will scream and squee and sing along a lot! I cannot wait!

I know I've been bad at keeping up on LJ recently - how many days behind am I on that HP meme? I promise I'll start tomorrow - but now that Infinitus is over I'll have a bit more time, I hope. I've hardly read anything in a week, so message me if there's something you think I need to read.

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