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Oh lovely Yuletide author! We have matched on something, and that is awesome, so I am asquee! Thank you so much for participating, and while I've included bits and bobs about various random things, I love each of these 'verses so much that anything will be fantastic to read, and I know I will enjoy it!

So, without further ado....

Fandom #1: Julian May's Galactic Milieu
I'd love Marc's perspective during any of the Milieu storylines, or a "missing scene" set any time in all of human history, ideally focused on a random historical event, or observational of Jon.

Fandom #2: Chess
Interaction, one of them watching the other before the timeframe of the musical (and it's up to you whether the first match is in 1972, the early 80s, the late 80s or some completely new and AU timeframe). I'd love something that is shippy or UST (one way or mutual), but please don't demonize Florence of Svetlana.

Fandom #3: The Eight (Katherine Neville)
Anything from her perspective - whether romance-centric or gen - from the time she became immortal to the time she found Cat. Historical fusion would be awesome. I am not a fan of The Fire, so don't feel like you have to incorporate anything from it.

Fandom #4: Political Animals
TJ, Dougie and Annie - preseries, post-series, AU, whatever - interactions, snogging, parties, being irresponsible or very responsible, recriminations, apologies, reconciliations and twinsy angst/banter/tension - any or all would be gorgeous!

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