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Move along, move along. Unless you're my Author, in which case

If we matched on more than one thing, you are my new best friend. If we matched on just one thing, you're my new best friend. I know that my Requests this year were all over the map, and really, whatever you do will be wonderful! Thank you so much!

Overall, I have a few squicks - please no death of any character I've requested, (except Tallyrand's death in 1838, because, canon); NC17 is fine but I'd rather nothing scatological/bloody. I don't have an infidelity squick, and I'm fine with gen, slash or het in each of the fandoms I've requested.

The Eight (Katherine Neville): It's my perpetual "ask" and if we've matched on this, I will be delirious with joy! Don't feel limited by the characters I listed on the sign-up form; they don't need to be the focus of your story. I've read The Fire and enjoyed it, but part of me would prefer something that is AU to that (or, to paraphrase a line from the Harry Potter fandom, Fire, What Fire?). In other words, I prefer Cat/Nim to Cat/Solarin, and Nim/Cat/Solarin to anything else in the modern section of the story. (But if we've matched on Tallyrand instead, or you'd rather write Talleyrand/Napoleon, SQUEE!)

Twin Peaks: Yes, I ship Audrey/Dale, and think that Kyle MacLachlan's protests that Coop wouldn't be interested in her were ridiculous. I also believe that she survived the final episode. So, if you want to write something post-series and shippy that would be lovely, as would something set *during* the series that's shippy, or sans-ship-but-with-banter. Just, no major character death, especially at the hands of BOB, please. Side notes: I have never seen Fire Walk With Me, I have read both Laura's Diary and Agent Cooper's Tapes to Diane, and I love the soundtrack.

Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People song): I've never requested a song in Yuletide before, and I'm really curious to see what you do with it if this is what we matched on. I love this song; I've done a Thor vid to this song and I know the purportedly true story it's based on, but don't feel like to have to stick to that at all. Make it an AU, crossover into any universe/book/film/show/story I've ever liked, mash it up Glee-style, whatever you want to do. If you've offered to do anything involving this song, I can't wait to see what it is!

Soapdish: This is my lucky film. I saw it the night before the LSATs, before I've taken Bar exams, and before major and important events in my life - but it's my lucky film because it's distracting, silly, and banter-filled, and that is why I love it. Pre-film (how did he get to where he is?) or post-film existential crisis that's David-centric would be fantastic - feel free to cross it over into *anything* (especially anything mid-90s) if that's where your muse takes you.
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