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Dear Brilliant Yuletide Writer:

Thank you! Thank you for offering to write in one of my relatively random requested fandoms! You are awesome and wonderful and I appreciate you so much!

I don't have much to say beyond my initial requests - everything below (other than the fandoms themselves) is more of a guideline and not a rule - except, please take into consideration my squick about gratuitous violence or death involving kids. I'm perfectly happy with fic of any rating or (other than violence against kids) theme. And I just realized that three of my four requests deal with immortality, at least to some degree. I wonder if that means something...

Galactic Milieu/Exiles Saga: I read the Milieu series first, and I've read those books more than the Exiles series. In other words, I adore Marc, and I adore Jon, so of course I'd be thrilled with anything that feels like canon, especially anything with Marc as Unifex spying on or interacting with Jon. But if your comfort level is more with Exiles, as long as it's Marc-centric, it'll be perfect. I think I might possibly prefer gen, but wherever your muse takes you would be fantastic.

Legally Blonde: The Musical: Oh, it's just fun! Plus, given that it's the musical and not the film, Legally Blonde II does not exist, and you can ignore it completely! So, something about Elle and Emmet set after the show ends, or Emmett backstory (iirc he went to Stanford undergrad, which, using the musical's timeline could put him there at the same time as Chuck Bartowski, Bryce Larkin and Sam Winchester. Or not, if you're not familiar with either Chuck or SPN), or any of the students (while in school, or post-grad) volunteering for the OTW - basically, LB is my favorite musical of whimsy joy and playfulness. Plus, I love pink, and the law.

The Eight: It's my perpetual "ask". Don't feel limited by the characters I listed on the sign-up form; they are my four favorites, but they don't need to be the focus of your story. I've read The Fire and enjoyed it, but part of me would prefer something that is AU to that (or, to paraphrase a line from the Harry Potter fandom, Fire, What Fire?). In other words, I prefer Cat/Nim to Cat/Solarin, and Nim/Cat/Solarin to anything else in the modern section of the story. (But if you'd rather write Talleyrand/Napoleon, SQUEE!)

RPS: Heroes (Adrian/Milo): Well, there's this, and a million other moments caught on film and a million that never were. AU or reality-based - anything you want to do will be gorgeous. (I don't have a fictional-infidelity-squick in this case as long as there is no overt Natalie bashing.)
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