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heidi ([personal profile] heidi) wrote2015-10-06 05:10 pm


Guess what came in the mail today?

And can someone explain why the red ribbon place marker arrived set to the page with the first illustration of Draco Malfoy?
(Yes, I'll be doing an HP reread, after I finish Carry On and read my first Stephanie Meyers novel (no, I never read Twilight, yes I'm going to read Life and Death to see if I read it differently from friends who read Twi either as research or in appreciation/fannishness).)

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So, is this 'Carry On' the Next Big Thing? Is it as big as HP?

I did a little bit of digging but got mixed up in tangles of fanfiction written about fanfiction and such, couldn't make too much sense of it. Do you have a link to a primer? :-)