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below, minus the content in the brackets.

Is this working? Does this work? Can I do one last post here on LJ via that email system I signed up for back in 2002, without accepting their new Terms of Use, to say that I won't be posting here anymore because of their new Terms of Use. [No, I could not. SO I accepted the new ToU to post this.]

You can find me on tumblr at heidi8.tumblr.com as well as FYeahCopyright.tumblr.com and, of course, on Dreamwidth at http://heidi.dreamwidth.org - I need to back up my post-10/13 LJ onto Dreamwidth, though, so I guess I have to approve the new ToU to accomplish that. Bleh. [Yep.] You can Friend me on the Book of Faces, too, if you want, or catch me on Twitter.

A few years ago when I switched from Pinkfinity back to my original Heidi8, I was told that people thought I'd deleted my LJ because of Ancient Wank from A Million Years Ago (Or Maybe 2003) so please screencap this and remember it: I will not be expressly deleting this LJ. If someone at LJ decides that I'm violating the Terms of Use deletes it, there's nothing I can do about it.

I'll leave with a link to an interesting thread on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ztsamudzi/status/853683785845673988 - it made me think a lot today about language that we have and use, that we may not have had five or fifteen or twenty years ago, how the type of interactive and social media that we choose to use informs and impacts how we interact with other people, and how a change of spaces can change how we create, share, comment on and learn from content.

I'll miss the hell out of LJ, and I really hope I don't miss any of you. Please email me (heidi8 on gmail) if you want to say where you're going without having to post here or anywhere else I'm already located.

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