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I got a copy of the Carpet Book on July 16, and I read it on the 17th (it took a while to DL and extract) while YMing with a friend. Some of the bits of that conversation follow:

HT: Can I ship albus/gellert? Please?
SV: I'm sure you won't be the only one.

HT: Regulus was wonderful!
HT: But my god this is slow......
SV: Regulus didn't show up! He was just a story. *sad*
SV: I wanted him to be real.
HT: I know.
HT: But he is, for me.
HT: I want to go back to his story, the one I started back in
2001. Maybe I will....
SV: I mean, I wanted him to be alive.
HT: I know.
HT: Fucking inferi.

SV: My god, Heidi. After this, really and honestly....no more canon.
SV: No more Lupin.
HT: Wow.
SV: No chance of Sirius coming back...
HT: Wibble.
HT: That's why we have imaginations and AU's
SV: Yeah, but it's never really the same.

SV: Nothing new yet cept the epilogue, but don't read it, it
spoils the rest of the book.
HT: I know
HT: Remus gets dead, doesn't he?
SV: That actually isn't mentioned.
HT: Is it presumptive?
SV: Though I would say from some of the references in the
epilogue that he miiiiight be.
HT: Ok, thanks. I can live with that.
HT: Because? Wedding bonding? Is for life only.

HT: You know what I boggle at?
HT: Wizarding Law.
HT: The wizarding world just took it onto themselves to TAKE
the pottersl home and enshrine it
HT: Did anyone pay Harry for the taking?
SV: Well, if it was a rental property it might have been sold
to the gov't.
SV: What boggles me more is how vague the rest of the
government structure is.
HT: I mean, there's a value to the land. Technically
HT: [/real property]

SV: You're going to love ch 33
HT: Coool.
HT: Is regulus snogging barty in it?
SV: Better. Want to know?
HT: Not yet.

HT: Ok, I'm in snape's memories
HT: Oh love.
SV: See, told you that you'd like that
HT: Oh.
HT: Oh I knew it.
HT: : copies this convo.....
HT: I told you!
HT: 10 hours ago, I said....
SV: You did! JEEZ!
SV: I can't believe you were right.
HT: : loves this book

HT: Sigh. Oh, hey! Naked Harry. Hellooooo daniel
SV: God, that part was boring.
HT: But will look soooo r-rated on screen. Haha.
HT: Fight the Dark Lord in the name of brave Regulus!
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