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So back on June 18, I looked at the schedule for Thursday at Comic Con and saw that Jason Isaacs' new show, Awake. We'd found out the week before that our Harry Potter fan panel was going to be that day, and the confluence of dates was too good to pass up, so I emailed Melissa Anelli of Leaky, and my longtime co-panelist, to ask this: ANY way to get him in the room for ours? Melissa asked around and...

Two weeks later, Evanna Lynch went with Jason on a short PR tour in Europe and she mentioned it and his reaction was, basically, yes I would like to do this! So at the London premiere, when I got to talk to him for a few moments, I said, "See you at Comic Con!" and he said, "Oh, are you involved with that?" I replied that I was the moderator and he said he really hoped to do it and would try to work the schedule out and we shook hands on it and I spent two weeks hoping....

Then I got to Comic Con and saw at the FOX booth that his signing was set for 5 - 6 PM on Thursday, which was the exact same time as our panel. My understanding is, when he also learned it was the same time, he told them that they had to push it back by half an hour, and they did. So Melissa and I plotted on how to get him into the room - I got everyone settled into the room, and she came in and announced that she'd found a big Harry Potter fan wandering the halls and there he was!

Someone towards the front filmed it and uploaded it to YouTube here, although I hope to have a slightly better quality version from my friend Leslie. I honestly don't remember all of the questions and answers, although I know he said Lucius's favorite ice cream flavour was "elf".

To wrap it up, I asked him about the future of the fandom - and made him cry and be sick! - and he said that one of the things about the series is, it encourages people to:
rise to the challenges that Harry, Ron and Hermione, and, I have to say, Draco and Neville [massive round of applause] do too, we all want to measure to those standards. It doesn't really matter if you pick up the books every year or if you dress like this every year or have a convention every year. What matters is, it's ten years of our lives ... over the decade we have been walked through this moral maze and the changes these characters went through, we went through with them. I think we'll stay in this forever whether we read the books and watch the movies, or not.

The rest of the panel starts here if you want to see what we talked about after. And yes, we hope to do it again next year!

Feel free to link back to this, and if you put it on Tumblr (or elsewhere) please share the links.
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