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oh, this *movie*.

It wasn't just a movie. For many it's half their life. Oneof the fans in Trafalgar had a sign that said, Ms Rowling, thank you for my childhood." But even for those of us who're 40, Harry Potter has impacted and changed so many moments for a third of my life. I started dabbling with HP when I was 27 years old, and it'll be thirteen years in November.

So, of course, I cried. During the movie, I cried when Neville was the most amazing person in the world and when Narcissa put her son over her husband for what was probably the first overt time. Dean and Seamus with Aberforth in the end, and Harry's investigations throughout. When Harry sat at Dobby's grave, and when Sirius and Lily told Harry what he needed to hear.

And, oh Snape. Even here, I don't want to be completely spoilery about the scenes in the pensive, so I will just compliment little Sirius's curly hair and little Severus making things fly. It brings everything together and makes the epilogue perfect.

There are surprises with Neville and Luna, horrible moments thatbmade me gasp and cry, and a few things that fall flat, like Harry and Ginny's non-interactive behaviour in the epilogue and his attitude towards her at Hogwarts, especially when contrasted with - please, bear with me, the warmth between Ron and Hermione. Their kiss didn't work contextually for me, but their relationship did, although really, if this film did anything for me along those lines, it solidified why I have really become a trio-shipper. The same way I loved Ron in the DH book, I loved him here, and the way he and Hermione and Harry work so well together.

I don't want ton talk about the precise spell/curse Molly uses on Bellatrix but "not my daughter" is perfect, even if I am slightly troubled by one of the curses Molly uses, and I'm curious if anyone else has the same issue, or even notices. I'll post about it next weekend.

And, oh Draco. You idiotic, terrified, finally honest child. Jason Isaacs is a complete Draco redemptionist, and I need to transcribe the brief interview I got to be a part of with him. Tom isn't as convinced that Draco's a good guy but it's left so ambiguous and my GOD the broom scene!!! A million slash fics cried out in joy and were never to be silenced.

I think those are all the spoilers I want to put into here but I'm happy to answer any specific questions if people have concerns or things that you need to know before you see it. But not about the Pensieve. You need to see it all.
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